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Tacx Neo Smart Trainer

Possibly in stock, please call 01590 624204

Tacx Neo Smart Trainer

Possibly in stock, please call 01590 624204


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The Tacx Neo Smart Trainer T2800 is a true direct drive turbo trainer with no physical transmission. Road feel is very realistic and the system is ultra quiet.

With a max resistance of up to 2,200W the Tacx Neo Smart caters for all levels of riders to the most elite sprinters. Simulate hill climbs with an incline up to 25%. The Neo Smart will also speed up on descents offering a realistic experience.

Because the Tacx Neo Smart is a direct drive turbo trainer there are no parts that rub together causing friction, so this system is very quiet. Ideal if you live in a flat.

As with all Tacx Smart trainers, the Neo communicates via Ant+ & Bluetooth Smart. Quickly and easily connect with Tacx apps. Performance data can be viewed on your smartphone, computer and sports watch all at the same time.

When the Neo Smart isn’t connected to your computer, tablet or phone it behaves just like a fluid trainer with progressive resistance.

Key Features

  • LED light - changes colour in response to your power. High is red, low is blue
  • Cadence measurement - Neo performs 1,000 measurements per second
  • Software Tacx apps & Third party apps. PC software via upgrade.
  • Operation Automatic
  • Resistance unit Direct drive
  • Realistic slope 25% 1
  • Descent simulation To -5%
  • Max brake power (10 sec.) 2200 Watt
  • Mass inertia 125 kg 2


Not compatible with 29" with E-Thru axle 10mm and 12mm.